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Joining the Apostle Team

In order to join the Apostle Development Team you must be registered user at SourceForge. So please fill out their registration form first.

Once you're a registered user at SourceForge you can fill out the form below to register as an Apostle Developer, using your existing SourceForge login name. The e-mail address is optional, but might be used to contact you in case something goes wrong.

At the description you can tell something about yourself, like skills, interests, etc. Don't worry, if you're serious, you won't be rejected. The information you supply is used to determine, what tasks best suite you.

Your SourceForge login:

Your e-mail address:


Normally your request will be handled within 24 hours. If you haven't had any response by then, please try to contact one of the administrators directly. Although the information you supplied should have been enough, it still happens that (for whatever reason) it is not possible to add you to the Apostle Project members list.

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