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Project restart
    guidoj - 2001-03-10 00:51   -   Apostle Project
The Apostle Project is now officially restarted. The Apostle OS is now built on top of the Gemini Nucleus (http://gemini.sourceforge.net). A new module was imported into the CVS tree. The goal is to expand the this code and work up to an initial developers release.
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The Apostle Project is a project seeking to provide a well-designed alternative to existing operating systems. The goal is to create an operating system that works - really works - because it's both appropriate and effective for the people who use it.

The Apostle Operating System is designed to have the following features:

Apostle is developed on Linux in C (gcc).

For more information, have a look at the project summary page. From there you can find a lot more details about the Apostle Project. If you want to be kept informed on the development of the Apostle OS, please subscribe to one of the mailing lists. Any questions can be asked through the appropriate mailing list too. The Apostle Project Development Team is listed at the members page.

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